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Maui Light - Lasers and Electronic Design - Providing the laser R &D industry with cutting- edge instruments and measurement tools. High speed laser diode drivers, high power laser pulsers, ultra-precision  temperature control, fiber-optics, precision optical measurement, high speed photo-detectors, motion control, physical sensors, magnetic detectors, flow control, circuit board design, prototypes.







Electro Optics Products

Maui Light provides high performance products for the Laser Diode and Electro-Optics Industries: modulated laser diode power supplies optimized for both speed and power,  laboratory grade photodetectors and amplifiers for precision high speed light measurement, and precision temperature control component mounts with out-of-the-box functionality.

Amplified Photo Detectors Laser Modules

Custom Design Services

Real world solutions for real world problems. Over 20 Years of practical experience in Electronics and Electro-Optics research and development.  We can make your ideas a reality: from proof-of-concept, prototype fabrication, circuit board designs, to finished high volume product. 

Laser Diode Testing & Analysis

Worldwide technical support for AT-9000 Automated Laser Diode Test Systems originally manufactured by ILX Lightwave. These systems perform all aspects of laser diode testing in a production or research setting. In 1990, this was the state-of-the-art measurement system for laser diode analysis and 10 years later still has no equal.  Maui Light is the designated factory support service for repair and upgrade of this unique system. Upgrades to Windows operating system and Pentium PC now available. ---