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Maui Light - Lasers and Electronic Design - Providing the laser R &D industry with cutting- edge instruments and measurement tools. High speed laser diode drivers, high power laser pulsers, ultra-precision  temperature control, fiber-optics, precision optical measurement, high speed photo-detectors, motion control, physical sensors, magnetic detectors, flow control, circuit board design, prototypes.








Amplified Photodetectors

Our optical detector products are optimized for high speed, high accuracy measurement of optical power for DC and pulsed laser characterization.
  • Silicon, Germanium, or InGaAs detectors
  • High Speed or High Gain
  • Enhanced spectral range
  • Low Noise, battery powered options
  • Integrating spheres

Laser Modules

Our line of laser products are designed to be self contained, easy to use, and are high performance optical sources. Each product is custom configured to your specification.

  • CW or Pulsed outputs
  • Modulation inputs, digital or RF
  • Ultra Low noise, Ultra Stable
  • Temperature controlled
  • Customer specified power / wavelength
  • Free space or fiber outputs