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Maui Light - Lasers and Electronic Design - Providing the laser R &D industry with cutting- edge instruments and measurement tools. High speed laser diode drivers, high power laser pulsers, ultra-precision  temperature control, fiber-optics, precision optical measurement, high speed photo-detectors, motion control, physical sensors, magnetic detectors, flow control, circuit board design, prototypes.







Services: Custom Design | Laser Test Systems | System Integration

Custom Design

Custom electronic design services now available. A wide range of technologies are supported from a background of 20 years of product development and research. Our clients present us with some of the best technical challenges in the industry:


Advanced Chips and Products


Deutsche Telekom   

ILX Lightwave     

International Medcom

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; National Ignition Facility     

MSE Systems


Tampere University of Technology, Optical Research Center, Finland




Electronics and Sensors

Precision DC to 75 GHz high performance prototypes and production ready designs, motion control, digital and analog signal processing, A/D conversion, precision temperature control, radiation detection, X-Rays to Gamma rays.


Custom photodetector amplifiers, Laser diode pulsers and CW drivers, parametric analysis, fiber optics, telecom lasers with modulation to 40 GHz, IR-VIS-UV applications.

Mechanical Design

Precision design with close tolerances where needed, and the experience to know where it’s needed; motion systems, materials systems, thermal systems, exotic applications.

Production Schedules

At Maui Light we understand the pressures of schedule, time to market, MRP and manufacturability, teamwork, and the importance of clear communication. In today’s competitive environment, we can help you deal with challenging schedules, changing requirements, and technical difficulties. YOUR needs are the number one priority. We will work with you to develop a schedule, and stick to it.

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Maintenance and support for

ILX Lightwave AT-9000

Customers worldwide rely on Maui Light for repair, maintenance and upgrades to this unique laser diode  test  system once manufactured by ILX Lightwave, the world leader in laser diode control.

The AT-9000 system is a semi-automated measurement system that performs parametric analysis  Pass/Fail testing of laser diodes.

Precision pulsed laser current control, motion control systems, optical power measurements, precision temperature control, optical spectrum measurement, and Far-Field spatial distribution are among the subsystems used.

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System Integration

Maui Light works with a network of companies and individals to provide a wide range of capabilities. We can help you specify custom configured systems for your testing needs, modify instruments to provide special features, develop software solutions, and train your staff to use these new tools.

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